We recognize that the COVID pandemic is ongoing and a concern for many attendees. Core members of the coordinating team work in healthcare and have been on the frontlines throughout the past two years, and know the problems first hand from personal experience with long COVID. This is the primary reason we opted for Dual Power 2022 to be an outside event, in a park, in a space where our events can take up more space as needed, and that attendees will be sleeping in individual or small group tents with people they are responsible to.

Prior to the event we ask that all attendees take a COVID test 48-72 hours before attending, and to stay home if they test positive or are symptomatic. We’ll also ask anyone who can to bring some rapid tests so that they can use them in case they’re needed to supplement rapid testing capacity of the gathering.

At the event we expect attendees to wear masks in situations where they are in close quarters with each other, such as during morning assembly and in meal lines. We will be breaking into smaller groups that disperse throughout the park throughout the event. We will have rapid tests on hand during the event, and our medics will be available to hand them out to anyone who looks like they might have symptoms or who wants to double check.

We will be expecting and asking attendees to practice mask reciprocity, where if you see that someone near you wearing a mask, you too put on a mask. We will be announcing and reminding people of these things each morning and throughout the event. N95 masks will be available for any attendee who requests one.

We do however want to emphasize that we as organizers will not have the capacity to eliminate COVID risks and we are all relying on our collective capacity to encourage and practice mask wearing when appropriate for all attendees. All attendees should be aware that the gathering is taking place in public parks and there will be members of the public not wearings masks. We want to be transparent about this risk to anyone considering coming to the event.